We are CRITICAL MESS – a dedicated and ambitious 5-piece death metal band from Hanover, Germany with only one goal in mind: conquering the stages across the globe, bringing extreme music to every corner of the planet. Expect to be blown away by crushing riffs, insane vocals, fierce harmonies and drum chops that will put any industrial slaughterhouse soundscape to shame.

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Founded in February 2012, the band had undergone many changes in line-up and writing styles. In 2016, the current line-up had established itself and quickly found its own unique sound and style. Whilst doing so, they managed to stay true to the familiar and beloved sound of old school death metal that they had all grown up with and the name CRITICAL MESS was born. In March 2018 CRITICAL MESS released their debut “HUMAN PRÆY" via Metalville. 2018 also holds two European tours for the band: In May/June they supported SIX FEET UNDER, in October SINSAENUM. Everyone in CRITICAL MESS is a die-hard musician – each member has continuously gathered, and built upon, their experience in playing with bands in live situations and recording albums in a studio environment. Musical influences range from the early thrash metal and hardcore/punk era to modern day technical and extreme metal genres.

CRITICAL MESS are: Lommer (Bass Guitars), Benny (Drums), Britta (Vocals), Marco (Guitars), Elmo (Guitars).