Greed, deceit, war, racism, pollution, ... as if that's not enough already, right? Well sadly there's plenty more and CRITICAL MESS are here to stick it to mankind. Wake up ... the world's in a mess!

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CRITICAL MESS have risen from the darkest pits of Hanover in lower saxony, Germany, to serve you the most brutal death metal concoction they could possibly conjure. They don't agree with many things happening in the world today. The band questions humanity and its constant transgression beyond the borders of what would be right and ultimately its sickening, hate invoking behaviour.

CRITICAL MESS are: Lommer (Bass Guitars), Benny (Drums), Britta (Vocals), Marco (Guitars), Elmo (Guitars).

Video "Feasting"


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This zip-file contains a short bandinfo, four high-resolution photos, the band's logo in different formats and our stage rider.